June 18, 2024

PVR Inox has reduced the prices of movie tickets

On ‘Cinema Lovers Day’ this Friday, movie enthusiasts have the opportunity to enjoy their favorite film releases at PVR and INOX cinema chains for a ticket price of Rs 99. Featured new releases such as “All India Rank,” “Article 370,” “Crackk,” “Teri Baaton Mein Aisa Uljha Jiya,” and “Fighter” are available, along with Hollywood options like “Madame Web,” “The Holdovers,” “Bob Marley-One Love,” “Mean Girls,” and “The Teachers Lounge.”

In addition to offering Rs 99 tickets for mainstream seats, PVR and INOX have crafted an appealing pricing structure for those wishing to celebrate Cinema Lovers Day in premium formats. The companies have announced a reduced ticket price of Rs 199 for recliner seats. Moviegoers interested in experiencing films in IMAX, 4DX, MX4D, and gold category will also find discounted ticket prices.

Gautam Dutta, Co-CEO of PVR INOX Ltd, expressed excitement about commemorating ‘Cinema Lovers Day’ and emphasized the special place movies hold in the hearts of Indian audiences. He welcomed all Indian cinema lovers to seize the opportunity and enjoy the extensive selection of movie titles available on February 23, 2024. The celebratory offer of Rs 99 is valid for all mainstream cinemas and screenings booked on this date across various Indian cities, excluding southern states (excluding Karnataka).

PVR Inox has reduced the prices of movie tickets

Dunki Box office collection

PVR Inox has reduced the prices of movie tickets

PVR Inox has reduced the prices of

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