June 18, 2024

Digital Domain and PRG Unite to Pave the Way for a ‘New Era’ in Visual Effects and Virtual Production

Digital Domain, a renowned visual effects powerhouse with an impressive track record, has unveiled a groundbreaking co-brand partnership with PRG (Production Resource Group), a global leader in entertainment and live event solutions. This unique collaboration is set to provide their extensive network and future collaborators with an all-encompassing solution for top-tier visual effects, holograms, virtual production, and content creation services.

Lala Gavgavian, President & COO of Digital Domain, emphasizes the clear mission of this co-branding partnership: to not only maintain but also expand their market presence, nurture innovative trends, and explore cutting-edge technologies that will redefine the art of storytelling.

Drawing on the specialized expertise of both Digital Domain and PRG, this partnership now offers a cost-effective, sustainable, high-quality, and seamless end-to-end service that covers everything from conceptualization to execution, all conveniently available in one place.

PRG’s President, Entertainment, Todd Hoddick, underlines the transformative potential of this collaboration with Digital Domain, particularly in the realm of virtual production. He points out how it empowers brands in cost-conscious markets and studios catering to diverse consumer preferences.

Jeroen Hallaert, VP of Production Services at PRG, adds that this innovative alliance streamlines workflows, reimagining collaboration dynamics and enabling real-time creative refinement from the initial planning stages to the post-production phase.

By joining forces, Digital Domain and PRG are giving clients the ability to shape their creative visions from inception while also granting them access to the wealth of talent found within both companies. This inclusivity creates a more level playing field, allowing even smaller teams to participate in ambitious projects. PRG’s Enhanced Environments™ and simulcam services enable creatives to plan shots and immerse themselves in a virtual world without the need to physically be on location.

Digital Domain, with its impressive portfolio of VFX work, has collaborated with industry giants such as Disney/Marvel, Warner Bros./Discovery, Sony Pictures, Universal, Netflix, HBO, and Amazon Studios. Over the years, the studio has received multiple Academy Awards for VFX in blockbusters like Titanic, What Dreams May Come, and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. They’ve also received accolades and nominations for several Marvel Cinematic Universe titles that have shattered box office records globally. Digital Domain has earned VES Awards, Clios, BAFTA nominations, and Cannes Lions recognition.

On the other hand, PRG has played a vital role in providing the essential technological and infrastructural support for creating memorable scenes in productions like Ahsoka, Joker, The Mandalorian, Law & Order, and more. With 62 offices spanning 28 countries, the company is known for its award-winning innovations, boasting over 250 patents and trademarks. PRG’s capabilities encompass broadcasting, camera, audio, video, lighting, rigging, scenic and automation, digital services, virtual production, and labor, making them a versatile and influential player in the industry.

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