June 18, 2024

Blender has got good enough to be a valid choice

  1. Blender has got good enough to be a valid choice and it’s free. It’s not functionally better than others. There are things which are better, the shortcut system is better, multiple shortcuts for a single function/tool makes the workflow faster, but there are things which are clearly lacking (I’m looking at you Mr UV editor and you Mr Snap System). It being free is the major pull though. Even the Indie version of Max costs money. Companies would love to tell Autodesk to shove it. The amount of cash spent on Autodesk subs by big companies is very significant so they would love to save at least some of that money if they could which is why some of them have donated money to the Blender foundation. Single users can save at least $300+ of yearly subs by switching. This is a good thing though. Since Blender 2.8 came out, there’s been a significant push to improve Max. This was something that was lacking for a while before. Autodesk had no real competition before that.
  2. 1) Yes it turns out Max is the most performant 3D software of them all and has been for a while.
    2) It’s nice that we have that editor but the system is lacking compared to Blender.
    3) Yes people talk as though Blender is great for this whilst ignoring that Max has had this for decades.
    5) This is undoubtedly a major feature Max has over Blender. Sure Blender has modifiers but the system doesn’t work in the same way and I don’t see how they can get parity (or even want to) considering that mesh editing in Blender is a mode no matter what modifiers you have assigned

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