June 18, 2024

How can I make a render like this?


Most of it is lighting, it has a pretty strong rim light which helps the figure stand out from the background. It helps that the model has pretty visibly beveled edges, which allow light to better wrap around surfaces. Maybe they’re using a procedural edge mask to help make them pop more too, it’s a little hard for me to say for certain. It’s worth considering on your end, though.

As far as lights go, it’s probably just an area light placed directly behind the model facing towards the camera. You can adjust placement, angle and light strength + size to taste. There is also probably a fill light and a key light. There are many tutorials that explain 3 point lighting.

After it’s lit in a way you like, you can fine tune the exposure, contrast, white/black balance etc. in an image editing application.

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How can I make a render like this?

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How can I make a render like this?

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