June 18, 2024

OutlinerPrune for Maya v1.0

For a complex scene like a big environment with multi-character or vehicle rigs,

sometimes, it is tough to track what you need.

Move the bar up and down. Looking for items that need to be picked or constraints wastes time.

There is no way to show only selected items.

This tool can prune selected or coloured items in one click.

The script is for personal or/and commercial work, whether you are a freelance artist or working in the studio.

Please don’t distribute/share, change, or reuse the script code to make your own script.

Credit -Im3dJoe

OutlinerPrune for Maya v1.0

Nuke 15.0 & 14.1 | Machine learning

OutlinerPrune for Maya v1.0

Armature Rigging Modules

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