June 18, 2024

Hiring Comp, Roto and paint

KIDDAN LA is a company in Mumbai that makes cool special effects for movies and TV shows. We even work on shows you watch on Netflix and Amazon Prime (Definitely, Not Flexing!). The company is kind of fancy and does work for movies from around the world. We also do video game stuff. Our office is in a popular place called Andheri West (Lokhandwala) in Mumbai. We are looking to hire someone to *help with our*, but it’s not a regular boring office space. We need someone who can be pals with the artists, have a positive attitude, and beat us at ‘Tekken 7’. Job Description. Job Requirement. . . So, if you’re into movies, TV shows, and cool visual effects, and you can do all this stuff, KIDDAN LA wants you to join the team! please email your CVs to mehak@kiddan.la

kiddan kiddan
Hiring Comp, Roto and paint

Hiring SF Artist

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